About Me

I am a technophile polymath who has trouble sticking to one career.

After working in several fields, most recently retired from a university position, I've chosen to make photography—a lifelong pursuit—more central to my work.

I shoot "documentary" landscape photography, that is, images that can be seen from locations where people live and vacation, as well as urban wildlife including birds and mammals.


Prints of the images seen here are available, as well as others from particular locations.

Commissions to document the views from homes, and vacation homes are welcomed, particularly on the Michigan lakeshore.


I can shoot landscape, architecture, product and technical photography, as well as portraiture.

My expertise in other areas helps make my use of photography more valuable to clients.


I am located in Mishawaka, Indiana and frequently travel to the Michigan lakeshore as well as Mackinac Island and other points north.

I can travel for commissions.

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